Wonderland Through the Looking Glass (2013) #1C

Zenescope Entertainment

$ 2.49 

Cover is by Renato Rei. (W) Raven Gregory, Patrick Shand. (A) Alessandro Miracolo. (CA) Richard Ortiz. The series that every Wonderland fan has been waiting for is here! Of all the evil and sinister beings who have occupied the terrifying realm of Wonderland none have instilled fear in all they meet as much as one particular hat wearing villain. The boy turned man who nearly ended the world as we know it is back. The most diabolical villain in the history of wonderland returns. The story of Johnny Liddle's transformation into the sinister Mad Hatter will finally be told and his origin may very well drive you absolutely mad. From writers Raven Gregory (Wonderland trilogy) and Pat Shand (Unleashed) comes the follow up to the hit, Wonderland series DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE, where a world of horror awaits and it's no farther away than a step... THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS. Cover price $3.99.

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