Wonderland Down the Rabbit Hole (2013 Zenescope) #5C NOS

Zenescope Entertainment

$ 2.49 


Cover by Ale Garza. (W) Raven Gregory, Patrick Shand. (A) Gregbo Watson, Yusuf Idris, Jacob Bear. All of the madness, all of the horror, and terror has all lead to this. The walls keeping the Jabberwocky imprisoned in Alice's mind have begun to crumble and an ancient evil will soon be released back into the realm of Madness if Alice cannot find a way to stop him. The final battle that will decide the fate of Alice's sanity and the tragic destiny that awaits is here! All this and the mystery of the little faceless Alice is finally revealed and everything you thought you knew about Wonderland will change forever. Don't miss out on the hotly anticipated conclusion of the psychological horror series written by Raven Gregory and Pat Shand that leads into the brand new WONDERLAND: THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS series. Cover price $2.99.

NOS: New Old Stock

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