Wonderland Down the Rabbit Hole (2013 Zenescope) #4A/B/C

Zenescope Entertainment

$ 39.95 

Cover by Sean Chen/Jimbo Salgado/Greg Horn.          (W) Raven Gregory, Patrick Shand. (A) Gregbo Watson, Vincenzo Federici. Wonderland's influence continues to reach across the realms and Alice finds herself pushed to the breaking point as her world and sanity continue to fall apart. But losing her mind is the very least of her fears as she comes to realize that it may be far too late to save her family from the grasp of Wonderland's insanity. Forget everything you thought you knew and see how deep the rabbit hole really goes in this psychological horror series by writers Raven Gregory (Wonderland trilogy/Fly) and Pat Shand (Unleashed/Robyn Hood)." Cover price $2.99.

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