Whistle Stop Rocky Mtns Expansion

Bezier Games

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Whistle Stop Rocky Mtns Expansion

The Rocky Mountains have always inspired with their majestic heights and seemingly insurmountable peaks.

The Rocky Mountains Expansion for Whistle Stop literally expands the gameboard, adding a 3D mountain range to the game. These mountains provide a barrier that will challenge your West Coast aspirations, but can also provide lucrative rewards for those willing to cross them.

Rethink your strategies and come up with new ways to execute the management of your trains to score more fame points than your opponents.

In addition to the mountain range, this expansion contains 21 new tiles and 9 new upgrades.

Two-piece Expansion Gameboard
4 Gold Nugget Tokens
2 Town Tiles
2 Common Resource Tiles
5 End Tiles
4 Special Tiles
2 Ordinary Train Route tiles
4 Whistle Tiles
2 Gold Nugget Tiles
9 Upgrade Tiles
6 Rocky Top Shares

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