Walt Disney Comics & Stories 75TH Ann. Special

IDW Comics

$ 3.99 $ 5.99

(W) William Van Horn, Carl Fallberg (A) William Van Horn & Various (CA) Daan Jippes
"Howlin' crashwagons!" It's here! This king-size celebration of Disney's flagship title brings together Donald, Mickey, Uncle Scrooge, Goofy, Magica, Chip 'n' Dale, Big Bad Wolf, Ludwig Von Drake, and a prized pantheon of favorite artists and writers-tracing decades of thrills, memories and mayhem!
Bullet Points:
*  This awesome, extra-length Comics and Stories special has something for everyone-collectors, new readers and fans of all ages!
*  Story selection represents generations of prized issues... from Donald in 1943 to Scrooge in 1993 and everything in between!
*  Includes Paul Murry's classic Mickey Mouse serial "Ridin' the Rails," reprinted in full for the first time!

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