Voltron Year One #3B NOS

Dynamite Entertainment

$ 3.99 


NOS: New Old Stock

Limited 1 for 10 Variant Cover by Admira Wijaya (W) Brandon Thomas (A) Craig Cermak Space Explorer Squadron #686 has failed, and every secret once locked in the head of trillionaire industrialist Roswell Rabins is now in the hands of terrorist organizations all over the galaxy. As the Alliance races to minimize the damage, Commander Sven is forced to watch all of his greatest fears come true, and if his squad fails another operation, he'll be stripped of his command and his team disbanded. So with #686 on the trail of a homegrown terror cell planning something unimaginable, and victory only possible by the most impossible of circumstances, what hope do they have left? 'Fearless Leader' rolls on, and the pressure continues to mount... Cover price $3.99.

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