Red Dragon Inn: Allies: Evil Pooky

Slugfest Games

$ 22.45 $ 24.95


Red Dragon Inn: Allies: Evil Pooky

Thanks to some drunken teleportation experiments, Pooky’s evil doppelganger has invaded the tavern from some other nasty plane of existence. He’s here to create chaos and mayhem, which, truth be told, makes him a lot like The Red Dragon Inn’s other patrons.

The Bad: Hey Look! It's Deirdre! Wait a minute...     The Worse: I don't remember Deirdre being a vampire...

Contents: 40 card Evil Pooky Deck, 15 card Doppelganger Deck, 7 card Evil Pooky Boss Deck, 15 card Boss Doppelganger Deck, 30 card Drink Deck, 15 card Epic Pooky Boss Deck, 5 card Epic Deck, 2 Prize cards, Fortitude and Alcohol Content Markers, Gold Coin Tokens, Player Mat, Deck Dividers, Rules

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