Night of the Living Dead Annual (2008) #1 Gold Foil LE500/COA NOS

Avatar Press Inc.

$ 24.95 


Limited Edition Gold Foil Cover-LE500 by Edison George. by John Russo & Edison George Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of a true iconic horror movie classic! Night of the Living Dead co-creator John Russo brings you a new tale of terror set during the night that changed the world forever. The eastern United States is in chaos as hordes of the undead wage war against the living, and increasingly frantic television transmissions are the only source of information available to a terrified populace. But there is no escape from the living dead and no safe place to hide, not even the WIIC-TV studio where original Night of the Living Dead news anchorman Chuck Blaine has some difficult decisions to make: Should his heroic news crew continue their emergency public broadcasts, or run from the army of ghouls amassing outside the station? More importantly, should he continue to disseminate questionable government recommendations that could be luring viewers into inescapable death traps? This special bonus-sized tale features appearances by some of the original film's most memorable characters, including the recently deceased Johnny, Barbra, and little Karen Cooper!

NOS: New Old Stock

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