New Archies (1987) #2

Archie Comics

$ 2.49 

Cover by Henry Scarpelli. You Don't Need Drugs public service announcement with the Archie gang. "Talent Nightmare," script by Mike Pellowski, pencils by Henry Scarpelli, inks by Rudy Lapick; The gang holds a talent show at Riverdale Junior High, but Reggie sabotages all the acts. Archie Club News. "Sink the Sub"; When a representative from the Book of World Records is in town, Archie and the gang try to make the world's largest sub sandwich. Archie's Posters ad. "Archie's Science Project"; Archie buys some guppies for a science project. "News Blues"; Eugene is the editor of the school newspaper and sends Archie out to find a story; As usual, Archie is oblivious to everything happening around him, but he collides with two vandals trying to flee after lighting a stink bomb, causing them to be captured and him to be called a hero. 36 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.75.

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