Munchkin: Munchkin Magical Mess

Steve Jackson Games

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Munchkin: Munchkin Magical Mess

Make Mincemeat of Mixed-Up Monsters like the Chimpanzebra, Escarghost, and Chupacobra! Acquire more Mashed-Up Treasure and Weapons like the Butterfly Knife, Snailgun, and Shark-Head Hammer! And Moop... he may just help you win! Featuring hilarious, brilliant artwork by Ian McGinty, Magical Mess brings the magical mess-maker, Moop, back to Munchkin! Magical Mess comes complete with 168 full-color cards, one six-sided die, 12 player standies with plastic stands, a mounted gameboard, and a rulesheet.     (Slight damage to the box on the back)

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