Munchkin Cthulhu 2: Call of Cowthulhu

Steve Jackson Games

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Munchkin Cthulhu 2: Call of Cowthulhu puts the great old ones out to pasture, Munchkin-style. In this 56-card supplement you will find: more monsters. Hog-Sothoth, the Sheep Ones, Shoggoats even Cowthulhu itself. More whackers. Squish unnatural creatures with the rolling pin, chop them down with the Scythe, or clean them up with the super duper pooper scooper. A new card type-madness. These are played like curses, but every madness has its advantages as well. Watch out for old man nodens with his faithful Doggoth, resting on the porch. Defeat the Arkhamster with your prize-winning preserves and fear. Bovine intervention. Call of Cowthulhu. Country life will never be the same.

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