M1 Panther II Mine Clearing Tank Model Kit 1:72 Scale


$ 13.99 


M1 Panther II Mine Clearing Tank Model 1/72 Scale. The M1 Panther II is an M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank specially modified for mine clearing missions. The Panther II Weighing 43 tons, the Panther II can clear a 5,000-square-meter area within an hour. Plow and roller kit attachments push mines out of the way when clearing roads without damaging the vehicle. 91pcs

Total Sprues    4 sprues, lower hull, lower upper , 2 strip rubber tracks
Paint Schemes    U.S.Army M1 Panther II Mine Clearing Blade/Roller Set, 54th EN BN "Daggers"  stationed in Bamberg, Germany, June 2002.
Released Date    2009-05
More Features "    This box contains parts to make one tank in any one of the 2 variants Mine Clearing Set.
- 2-directional slide-moulded lower hull with suspension arm"

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