Life with Archie (1958 Archie) #277

Archie Comics

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Cover by Dan DeCarlo & Rudy Lapick. Stories by Rich Margopoulos and Kathleen Webb. Art by Gene Colan & Rudy Lapick and Stan Goldberg & Mike Esposito. Archie uses his Celestial Sphere to wish that everyone in Rivardale has a million dollars. But when everyone has a million dollars, no one wants to work and the town quickly deteriorates in "Miracle Millions"! (Note: Continued from #276.) Plus: Mr. Lodge hates a large ugly vase that he inherited so he hopes that clumsy Archie will break it, but things don't work out as he planned in "A Well-Urned Reward"! Also: Archie agrees to take care of Dilton's pet mouse for a few days, but the mouse gets out late at night and frightens Archie after he returns home from a horror movie in "Mega-Mouse"! 32 pages, full color. Last 95c cover priced issue. Cover price $1.00.

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