Lady Death Bad Kitty#1A NOS

Top Cow

$ 5.95 


NOS: New Old Stock

by Len Kaminski. Cover by Adriano Batista, Curtis Arnold, & Hi-Fi Chaos!' most popular characters of 2001 unite in this fantastic first issue! Lady Death, the herald of death, is now mortal and stranded in New York. Catherine Bell aka "Bad Kitty" is a former detective on the run. The Mastrodecasas are a mob family, returned from the dead as poltergeists. When Kitty stops the Mastros from murdering Lady Death's new found friend, all Heck breaks loose in Hell's kitchen! Will Lady Death fire automatic weapons? Can Lucky the cat survive the menace of the Ghost Hound? An adventure sure to thrill veteran and new readers alike! FC, 40pg Cover price $2.99.

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