Kingdom of Britannia Naval Battle Group

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Kingdom of Britannia Naval Battle Group The Naval Battle Groups of the Kingdom of Britannia are renowned worldwide for their strength and endurance. A towering Monarch Heavy Battleship adds the formidable firepower of its turrets to those of a Lord Hood Battle Cruiser and Tribal Cruisers, striking at the heart of the enemy while their powerful shielding turns aside any retaliation. Supporting this immovable core are the Aircraft Wings launched by the venerable Regent Battle Carrier, and a host of Attacker Frigates and Swift Corvettes.Contents: 1 x Monarch Heavy Battleship, 1 x Regent Battle Carrier, 1 x Lord Hood Battle Cruiser, 3 x Tribal Cruiser, 4 x Attacker Frigate, 5 x Swift Corvette, 16 x SAS Token, 3 x SAW Movement Tray, 9 x 7mm Dice, 3 x A5 Token and Template Sheets, 1 x TAC Deck

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