Inner Kingdom Game: Zombie Dash Board Game

Inner Kingdom Games

$ 17.45 $ 24.95

Zombie Dash is a light strategy, zombie apocalypse party game. Players move their Human Tokens along a city street with each human being pursued by a single zombie. The last surviving player, or the first player to reach the safe zone, wins the game. Players are eliminated from the round if their Human is caught by the pursuing Zombie.

Movement is managed through a shared deck of movement cards that combines Human Run cards and Zombie Chase cards. Each turn, each player is dealt two cards and plays both cards on any player. Each player can have only two cards played on them each turn. The strategy element of the game is seen in the choice of what cards to play on what player in what order.

Game play is quick and light. The game is suited for family play, a party game night, or a 'beer and pretzels' type session.

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