HobbyBoss 1/72 Zlin Z-42M Easy Assembly

Hobby Boss

$ 8.99 $ 9.99


1/72 scale. Zlin Z-42M Easy Assembly. HobbyBoss.  The Zlin Z 42 is a single-engine two-seat trainer aircraft designed by Czechoslovakian. First flew on 17 October 1967,achieving airworthiness certification on 7 September 1970. The Z 42 variants are used for basic and intermediate VFR flight training, for basic aerobatics training, for night and instrument flight training, and for glider towing.

Easy Assembly kit features clear-molded fuselage and wings, engraved panel lines, basic side-by-side cockpit, 1-piece canopy, landing gear and propeller with separate spinner. Decals and color painting guide for a single Slovakian aircraft, registration OM-JLV - includes instrument panel and wing root walkways.

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