Harbour Tug Boat 1/108


$ 17.05 $ 18.95


Harbour Tug Boat 1/108

When cargo ships reach the destination port after thousands of nautical miles, there is still a difficult section ahead of them. This is where the harbor tugs come into play, which take command and pull the huge ships safely to the dock. The tugs do not take up any cargo, but are used to move and tow large tankers and cargo ships. The small, robust, but very manoeuvrable ships have a very powerful machine from 250 to several thousand horsepower. Their command bridges are designed as high superstructures, in accordance with their task, to guarantee good all-round visibility for safe guidance through the narrow harbor area. The stern, bow and side walls are mostly reinforced and additionally equipped with wickerwork.

About the model:
- one-piece hull
- Crash protection
- Structured superstructures
- Lifeboat
- Two mast booms
- Lifeboat and inflatable boat
- Captain and two sailors
- Two display stands
- Detailed decals

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