Grimm Fairy Tales Madness of Wonderland (2013 Zenescope) #2A/B

Zenescope Entertainment

$ 14.95 

Cover by Mike Krome. (W) Dan Wickline. (A) Reine Rosenberg, Oscar Celestini. (CA) Mike Krome. The mind-bending follow-up to Call to Wonderland continues here! Detective Legrasse's investigation into the recent brutal murders lead her to discover a similar case in the past. A case that was covered up by someone with powerful friends. The case of Johnny Liddle and if her guess is right all signs point toward his murderous return. Meanwhile, Lovecraft's journal reveals the return of Jacob Hall and his continued plans to use the power of Wonderland for his own sinister motives. And Lovecraft is the only person standing in his way. From the minds of the creators of the original Wonderland trilogy. Don't miss the series that ties in directly with the Wonderland ongoing series! Cover price $3.99.

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