Grimm Fairy Tales (2005 Zenescope) #83B

Zenescope Entertainment

$ 2.49 

Cover by Pasquale Qualano. (W) Troy Brownfield. (A) Salvador Velazquez. (CA) Pasquale Qualano. Jack Frost Part 1 - Looking for a fresh start on earth Sela goes back to the one thing she has always has done well...teaching. Aided by an old friend her slate has been wiped clean and the record of events that led her to jail time in the Shoe are now buried. No sooner has she set up shop at her new job she falls into her old habits...using her powers to protect her students from both the dark powers that surround them and themselves. But seldom has Sela encountered an enemy as cold and deadly as the one she faces evil power known as Jack Frost. Cover price $2.99.

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