Give Me The Brain Superdeluxe Edition

Cheapass Games

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Give Me the Brain is the original Cheapass Fast Food Zombie Game, winner of the Origins Award for Best Traditional Card Game of 1997. This is actually the fourth edition of this game, now back at Cheapass Games after a brief vacation at Steve Jackson Games. Welcome to Friedey's, the Fast Food Restaurant of the Damned. You and your Zombie friends are trying desperately to finish your work here, but you only have one brain to pass around. To finish your tasks, you just have to empty your hand. But first you'll have to get your mitts on the brain! Give Me the Brain was the first in a series of Fast-Food Zombie Games (Lord of the Fries, The Great Brain Robbery, Dead Money), and it's still one of the best. This new edition contains new cover art by Brian Snoddy, a slightly updated deck, and high-quality playing cards.

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