Funglish by Hasbro


$ 17.40 $ 19.40

Funglish is a word guessing game full of imagination. Tiles are all players have to guess wacky words

Why You'll Love It: Guessing and describing words at lightning speed is a challenge bound to be fun.

Age: 12 years and up


Each card contains six secret words

Three or more players



120 descriptive tiles

50 cards

Easel with two leg supports

Three rails

A timer clip

Timer and instructions

From the Manufacturer

There's no time to lose…so grab some clues! Can you get the other players to guess the word Kangaroo? You can't talk or act but you can find, grab and play just the right clues from 120 descriptive tiles as everyone shouts out their guesses. You play living, wild and tall. Is it a Redwood? A giraffe? A basketball player? Nope. Keep playing tiles like furry, brown and bouncy. Once another player yells out Kangaroo, try a new word before time runs out! That's the funny, noisy, unique, entertaining, magical, fast-moving fun of Funglish!

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