Deadpoolmax #8 VF/NM


$ 2.49 $ 3.99

(W) David Lapham
Written by Dave Lapham
Pencils & Cover by Kyle Baker
Deadpool is AWOL, and if anyone finds out, Hydra Bob will spend the rest of his miserable days in a very deep and dark hole.  With world on the brink of Armageddon Bob will have to don Deadpool's abandoned duds and go it alone.  But will years of experience and red tights be enough to stop the terrorist plans of the deadly Moon Knights and their stockpile of Liquid X?  Hell no.  If Bob is to pull off this mission he'll need to revisit some very painful memories of the night his life all went wrong.  A night of love, betrayal, and big bombs spent in a little town called Bangkok....

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