Deadpoolmax #10 (of 12) VF/NM


$ 2.49 $ 3.99

(W) David Lapham
Written by DAVE LAPHAM
Pencils & Cover by KYLE BAKER
Hydra.  A secret organization dedicated to terror and world domination.  Their very name strikes fear into the heart of...only one man.  Deadpool.  Because Hydra is not real, a fiction, created by Bob to keep the world's most dangerous man in check.  But now Bob has been replaced, and it's only a matter of time before imprisonment, torture, and death follow.  So what's a desperate C.I.A. black ops operative to do to regain control of his agent?  Well, perhaps teaming with the Taskmaster to turn Hydra from a dream into reality will help things out considerably...or perhaps not.  Find out how many will not live in this dangerous tale we like to call...say it loud and proud...HAIL HYDRA!

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