Cavewoman Oasis (2013) #2D LE-750 NOS

Amryl Entertainment

$ 24.95 


NOS: New Old Stock

Devon Massey Special Nude Edition Limited to 750 copies. NOTE: May or may not include certificate of authenticity. (W/A/CA) Devon Massey Several beautiful girls in Marshville have been abducted, and Meriem has a plan to become one of them. Her plan works and Meriem is kidnapped and transported across a barren wasteland to the secret city of Oasis where she joins the other kidnapped girls in the harem of the King. Meriem resists the King's advances and once her strength and power are discovered, she quickly becomes a gladiator in the King's Arena. Can Meriem defeat the greatest warriors and twisted dinosaurs their warped desert world can offer?

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