Amazing Spider-Man (1963 1st Series) #363

Marvel Comics

$ 24.95 

"Savage Grace!" Part 3 of 3. Script by David Michelinie. Pencils by Mark Bagley. Inks by Randy Emberlin. Cover by Mark Bagley and Randy Emberlin. Carnage takes J. Jonah Jameson hostage and drags him to a heavy metal concert at Madison Square Garden! The psychotic killer plans to execute JJJ in front of thousands of headbangers! But before Carnage can deliver the deathblow, Spider-Man and Venom strike! The ferocious fight leads into the subway tunnels and then back onto the concert stage! Where thanks to MSG's awesome sound system, the web-slinger tries to knock out both Carnage and Venom! The wall-crawler's ploy better work, because double-crossing Venom could have lethal consequences! A fantastic finish! First appearances of the Richard Parker and Mary Parker life model decoys (LMD's). Cameo appearances by Joe Robertson, Mr. Fantastic, and the Human Torch.

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