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7 Wonders is the most awarded game in the world.

Critically acclaimed by the thousands of players who bought it to play with family or friends. Since its release, 7 Wonders has won more than 30 awards in 20 countries. 7 Wonders offers to take the lead of a prestigious civilization and to make it prosper until victory.

7 Wonders is a card game with complete rules, accessible and easy? to set up for fast and rhythmic games.

Each of the 2 to 7 players takes the head of a legendary city (Babylon, Ephesus, Rhodes ...) , and will have  three Ages to prosper and even build the legendary Marvel of the world associated with it. The goal of the game is to embellish his city and make it more influential than that of his opponents.

In order to develop its city, players will have the choice between 4 different development paths: The military, the scientist, the trade and the civil.

At the end of the game, the player with the most victory points is declared the winner.

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