1/32 Battlestar Galactica Original Cylon Raider Plastic Model Kit

Moebius Models

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 (Battlestar Galacitca Cyclon Raider) 1:32 Scale Model KitThe devastating Cylon attack on the Twelve Colonies of Man was a carefully orchestrated operation that was carried out using hordes of Cylon Raiders. The primary craft of the Cylon Empire, Raiders are heavily armed fighters, station on massive Cylon Basestars until ready for battle.
Moebius Model's Cylon Raider model kit is an authentically styled detailed recreation of the ships as seen in the original television series.  Assembled kit is 17" wide and 13" long.
Key Features
Identical in size to the original shooting miniatures used to create the visual effects for the original television show
Includes display base
Detailed instructions
Scale: 1:32
Skill Level: 3 (ages 15+)
Length: 13"
Width: 17"

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